Dr. Vijoo Rattansi (Mrs)

The Chancellor for the University of Nairobi is Dr. Vijoo Rattansi (Mrs).

Dr. Rattansi is the Chairperson of Rattansi Educational Trust, Daisy Eye Cancer Fund, Trustee to Michael Blundell Trust among other organizations. Dr. Vijoo has wide experience in institutional development and conflict mediation in institutions; and experience in fundraising and networking.  She also has skills and competencies in corporate governance, strategic planning, gender and development. She is fluent in English, Kiswahili and Italian languages.
She was awarded a honorary doctorate (D.Litt.) by Moi University in recognition of her efforts in promoting higher education in the country. The state recognized her efforts in supporting higher education in the country by awarding her the Order of the Grand Warrior (OGW) in 2006.

According to The Universities Act 2012, The Chancellor:
-shall be the titular head of the University and shall, in the name of the University, confer degrees and grant diplomas, certificates and other awards of the University;
- may from time to time, recommend to the Cabinet Secretary in the case of a public university and the Board of Trustees in the case of a private university, a visitation of the University;
- may from time to time give advice to the Council which then Chancellor considers necessary for the betterment of the University;
- shall enjoy powers and privileges and perform such other functions as may be provided in the Charter.
The Chancellor's Contacts:
Contact Person: Mr. Brian Ouma
Physical Address: Main Campus
Postal Address: P.O Box P.O BOX 30197, 00100, G.P.O
Telephone Number: +254 02 491 0000