The following are support emails. Use the preferred email as enlisted to reach out to the respective college for assistance.

College FACULTY/SCHOOL/DEPT HelpDesk Email

College of Architecture and Engineering

School of Built Environment
School of Engineering
Institute of Nuclear Science
School of Arts and Design
College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences Faculty of Agriculture
  Faculty of Vet Med.
  Wangari Maathai Institute
College of Biological and Physical Sciences School of Biological Sciences
  School of Computing
  School of Mathematics
  Institute of Climate Change Adaptation
  Centre for Biotechnology and Bioinformatics
  School of Physical Sciences
College of Education and External Studies School of Education
College of Health Sciences Dental School
  School of Medicine
  School of Nursing
  School of Pharmacy
  School of Public Health
College of Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty of Arts
  School of Economics
  School of Law
Kenya Science Campus Academic Cordination and Administration
Kisumu Campus Kisumu Schools' Administration
ODeL Campus ODeL Campus
Mombasa Campus Mombasa campus


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The following are general service emails:

Service Email Address
Undergraduate Admissions
Graduate Admissions

ICT Online Services Contacts