First year students admitted to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences follow
proceedings at the orientation held in Taifa Hall.

University of Nairobi Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Stephen Gitahi Kiama, has cautioned first years against wasting their time while in campus. He challenged them to use their time wisely while in campus. He was speaking in Taifa Hall, while addressing First Years from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, CHSS on January 23, 2020.

“Use your time wisely to get the best of this university. University of Nairobi made us who we are today. We are the best university in the region and in Africa. We are ready to avail all service to make your stay here memorable. Such services include security, counselling, career services, transport, sports and games among others,” he said.

The Vice Chancellor spelt out wide range of reforms that the University of Nairobi will be undertaking to ensure that students enjoy experiential learning at the University. Prof. Kiama observed that data management will be a priority in his regime to ensure that issues like missing marks do not arise. There will be financial reforms to ensure that money is channeled into University core functions of teaching and learning, research and consultancy. “There will be reforms in the governance structures. The University continues to rely on old governance structures, these we will relook into,” he said.

On physical facilities, the Vice Chancellor, opined that optimal use of facilities will be necessary to ensure that all facilities are used for teaching and learning. On human resource, the Vice Chancellor pointed out that human resources will be aligned properly and virtually everything will be online for easy access.

Regarding the University core values of freedom of thought and expression, the Vice Chancellor urged students to exercise their freedom of speech. “Don’t keep quite when Lecturers don’t come to class. Don’t be conditioned into fear of speaking out. Nothing will be done to you for expressing yourself within the law,” he said. The Vice Chancellor said that the University needs ideas from students in order to grow the University. 

Students with special needs will have a reason to smile as ‘Special Needs Centre’ to cater for students with special needs will be created. The special needs center will also help students get internships and enroll them in work study program. This will help students get the much needed experience even as they earn some money.

On students discipline, suspension and expulsion, the Vice Chancellor pointed out that the era of expelling students is long gone. “There will be no suspensions or expulsions of students without following the due process and according students fair administrative justice. Don’t engage in lawlessness, confine yourselves within the law. We need to nurture your talents and not to chase you away, he said.

Class of 2020, welcome to the University of Nairobi.

Here is the link to the VC's speech