Wednesday, March 23, 2022

It was a very colorful and joyous occasion at UoN’s Taifa Hall on Wednesday morning, March 23, 2022 when the UoN Community gathered to recognize and award its outstanding staff and departments in terms of performance contracting, research and Innovation, long service, staff performance and special recognition.

The Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology was best overall performing unit and best performing teaching department. Faculty of Engineering was awarded best performing Faculty, while Internal Audit was awarded best performing central unit.

13 researchers were awarded under the research and innovation award while the top 3 staff members from each faculty in the teaching and non-teaching units were awarded based on their exemplary staff performance appraisal.

On the long service award category, 17 staff members were recognized with the longest service being 46 years; One Catherine Wambugu.

While the University Health Services, ICT, Directorate of Corporate Affairs and the University Choir were given special recognition awards as departments.

On Individual level, Dr. Loice Achieng, Mr. Peter Gathuka, Dr. Wabende Kimingich and Mr. Johnson Kinyua were given the Vice-Chancellor’s special recognition award.

Speaking at the occasion, the Ag. Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Brian Ouma emphasized that the quest to world class university status can only be achieved through excellence in both teaching and non-teaching staff. Mr. Ouma asserted that going forward the University performance management system will have all necessary safeguards to alleviate administration misery through greater automation.

Gracing the event, the chief guest, Vice Chancellor Prof. Stephen Kiama was delighted to report that the University is on course in terms of rolling out the 5-point reforms agenda that sealed leakages and enabled the University to embark on the path that is fit-for-purpose training; financial reforms and lastly to focus on the people.

“I appreciate the efforts of our staff, the top and lower cadres, put together have ensured our success and I urge them to sustain our efforts and continuously maintain good results”.

The purpose of the annual performance appraisal exercise which applies to all staff and units of the University include

  • Link individual performance targets with organization strategic objectives
  • Continuous feedback on work progress
  • Set a basis on which staff’s performance is monitored and evaluated
  • Align operational and financial performance targets with budgetary provisions and provide decision making on administrative and human resource issues such as renewal of contracts, promotions, delegation of duties, training, deployment, rewards and sanctions.

The UoN Community was entertained by the University Traveling Theater - who created palpable excitement in their performance that made the Vice-chancellor dance, The Theater of the Absurd who made a performance of a worker addressing his/ her boss about being publicly recognized for their commitment at work and the University choir who did not disappoint in their top-notch performance of a piece congratulating the University of Nairobi staff for their impeccable service and commitment in their duties.

Watch the event here that was streamed live on the University’s TV Channel, UNC TV