Friday, January 19, 2024

The University of Nairobi commenced the new year with a powerful and spiritually enriching event, the Annual Interdenominational Prayer Day, held at the iconic Taifa Hall. The prayer day was to seek blessings, guidance, and foster a positive mindset for the year ahead.

Speaking during the ceremony, the Vice Chancellor, Prof Kiama, marked the beginning of a year filled with blessings and success for the university. He led the university community in embracing a positive mindset, emphasizing its pivotal role in propelling the institution forward. Addressing the gathering, Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, Prof. Leonidah Kerubo,
emphasized on positivity and urged the university community to renew their commitment to academic excellence. She emphasized drawing strength from the collective spirit that binds the university together, fostering an environment conducive to growth and achievement.

While reflecting on the journey to a healthy University, the Chaplain Rev. Hosea Mitei, challenged members of the university community to reflect on the virtues of honesty, the reality of communal
challenges, and forgiveness. Sheikh Abdalla Swaleh delivered a powerful sermon on the importance of having an attitude of gratitude. The scripture from the noble Quran emphasizes on being grateful and need to be thankful and as well ask our creator for more and more favors. “Whether you speak secretly or openly, He surely knows best what is hidden in the heart,” Sheikh added

The prayer day did not only serve as a moment for spiritual reflection but also as an opportunity to reinforce the university unity and shared goals that define the university community. The collective commitment to academic excellence and the positive energy generated during the prayer day set a promising tone for the entire university community.

The Annual Interdenominational Prayer Day was a powerful affirmation of the university's commitment to excellence, unity, and positive growth. The words of the Vice Chancellor and Acting  Deputy Vice Chancellor resonated with hope and determination, setting the stage for a year filled with academic achievements and collective success.