Monday, April 20, 2020

This is a step by step procedure to be followed by UoN students to acquire Telkom lines that have bundles for online learning that has been facilitated by the University. 

1. Students to register their intent for facilitation of data bundles by updating their profile in the SMIS portal indicating their preferred Telkom outlet.

2. Requests received at ICT Centre are processed and forwarded to respective colleges for review and approval.

3. ICT Centre sends approved list to Telkom Kenya with instructions to configure and activate the lines.

4. Telkom activates the Sim card and sends  to the Telkom outlet(selected by the student)

5. Student receives an alert from their preferred Telkom outlet to go and collect the Sim card.


Note:All Students should liaise with their Heads of Department on class time tables.

poster on procedure of acquiring telkom bundles