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Nobel Laureate, Sir John Sulston interacts with the UoN community

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Sir John Sulston, the Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology/ Medicine 2002, yesterday gave a moving lecture dubbed ‘People and the Planet - how can we all live and flourish on a finite earth?’ at the University of Nairobi (UoN).

In his presentation, Sir John looked at the links between global population, consumption and the environment, and the implications for sustainable development. He said that the impact of the growing population and the growing consumption of resources by the richer countries is bringing us to the limits of what the earth can sustain. He said that population and consumption should be considered together as it is the combination of the two that determine the impact on a finite planet.

He called on different stakeholders to look into practical and sustainable solutions that will see the current population and consumption trend improve. He made reference to the recommendations made in the People and the Planet April 2012 report.

The event was joint venture by the UoN’s Population Studies and Research Institute (PSRI), African Institute for development policy (AFIDEP), Network of African Science Academics (NASAC) and the Royal Society.

The interactive session which was moderated by Prof. Lucy Irungu, Deputy Vice Chancellor (DVC), Research, Production and Extension, UoN, attracted University staff and students, various corporate bodies and the general public focused on the People and the Planet report April 2012. Sir John chaired the Royal Society’s People and the Planet Study which was a 21-month study by an international working group of 23 experts.

Others in attendance included Prof. Jacob Kaimnyi, DVC, Academic Affairs, Prof. Peter K’Obonyo, Deputy Principal, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Dr. Lawerence Ikamari, Director, PSRI, Dr. Eliya Zulu, AFIDEP and Eng. Dr. Shem Arungu-Olende, NASAC, are among those who attended the lecture.

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Caption: Prof. Lucy Irungu, DVC, Research Production and Extension receives a gift from Sir John Sulston, the Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology/ Medicine 2002 when he paid a courtesy call on the Vice Chancellor.