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Invitation to a public lecture by Dr. Deqo Mohamed

Lecture: Dr. Deqo Mohamed, CEO of the Dr Hawa Abdi Foundation
Columbia Global Centers, Africa in Nairobi and the University of Nairobi invite you to a lecture in
Date: Thursday 27th March, 2014
Time: 1600 hrs- 1730 hrs
Followed by book signing
Location: Education Theatre 1, University of Nairobi, Kenya
Dr. Deqo Mohamed is the Chief Executive Officer of the Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation (DHAF), and daughter of Dr. Hawa Abdi. Dr. Abdi was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012. In 1983, Dr. Abdi began providing free obstetrician services to around 24 rural women per day, from a one-room clinic on family owned land in the Lower Shebelle region in Somalia; since then- in the midst of the Somali civil war- her and her family and Foundation have provided care to some 2 million people, and their compound now includes a hospital, school, nutritional center and agricultural activities.
Dr. Mohamed will speak on the challenges her family faced over the past three decades, and their plans for the future, and then take question from the audience. She will then sign copies of her mother’s book Keeping Hope Alive, which will be available for sale.
This lecture is free and open to all on a first-come, first-served basis, but you must pre=register to attend (See below), and please bring your photo ID (national ID card or similar) with you on that day. Please note that this even will commence at 1600hrs sharp, with minimal introductions; late comers may not be admitted.
We look forward to seeing you there!
Here's a clip (just over 8 minutes) from "TEDWomen 2010":
Here's Nicholas Kristof's article on Dr Abdi from December 2010:
Glamour magazine has named Dr Abdi a "woman of the year", calling her "equal parts Mother Teresa and Rambo".

Invitation to a lecture by Prof. Safwan

Masri Columbia Global Centres, Africa in  Nairobi and the University of Nairobi invite you to a lecture by Prof. Safwan Masri, Executive Vice President for Global and Global Development, Columbia University.

Date: Thursday March 20, 2014

Time: 11.00 am – 12.30 pm

Location: Education Theatre 1, University of Nairobi, Kenya

Schlumberger Recruitment Event, 13th & 14th March, 2014

Schlumberger will be conducting a recruitment event that will be restricted to the testing of candidates of ENGINEERING and PETROLEUM STUDIES an

Book Launch: New Publications from Prof. Gary Gaile, University of Colorado, Boulder

The Architecture Design and Development (ADD) Library, University of Nairobi has received a total of 400 books on the field of urban planning, geography, environment and sustaina

The Native Son: Experiences of a Kenyan Entrepreneur

The Native Son: Experiences of a Kenyan Entrepreneur is a celebration of the spirit of free enterprise; an insight into the policies and philosophies that drive business, trade, industry, and enterprise in local and global economies. The memoirs give testimony to the extent to which Dr Joseph Barrage Wanjui’s life in the corporate world is intertwined with Kenya’s economic path since independence. In the book, he speaks up for the best of what multinational corporations have to offer and revels in the joys of fatherhood.

The book is a riveting read. All generations will be provoked and stimulated by Dr Wanjui’s narrative written in easy to read language. Contemporaries will retrace their own lives as they walk with him through colonialism to independence; from the nation-building years of Kenyatta through the challenges of the Nyayo Era to the eventual rebuilding of the country’s hopes under President Mwai Kibaki. In the academia, the work is relevant to scholars in business studies, political science, history, education, and literature.


Students against substance abuse

During an event organized by University of Nairobi Anti-drugs and Substance Abuse Campaign (UNADSAC) and Organization of Nairobi University Science Students (ONUSS), students were challenged to take a stand against drug and substance abuse. In line with the theme ‘No drug formed against you shall prosper but the choice is yours,’ the students were taken through inspirational exercises by various speakers.

One of the presenters, Dr. S.K. Moindi shared his personal struggles with alcohol and how he took control of his life, emerging victorious. He noted that the greatest rehab is in the mind, as he testified to have quit the habit voluntarily, after witnessing the pertinent demise of his colleagues in the vice. Dr. Moindi is from the School of Mathematics.

Invitation to a Public Lecture: Pollination: The Forgotten Essential Ecosystem Service.

TITLE: Pollination: The Forgotten Essential Ecosystem Service.
Date: November 14, 2013
Venue: LARMAT Lecture room 206

Chiromites present: UNADSAC-ONUSS Games