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Operationalization of the Centre For Self-Sponsored Programmes (CESSP)

The University of Nairobi has resolved to operationalize the Centre for Self Sponsored Programmes (CESSP).  CESSP was established by the University of  Nairobi vide Statute XXXV in 2005. It has however, remained un-operational as its functions were being carried out by the University of Nairobi Enterprises and Services (UNES) Limited, a fully-owned subsidiary company of the University. UNES was formed by the University in 1996 with the mandate of carrying out commercial activities on behalf of the University.
To refocus UNES to its core mandate, the University Council, in consultation with the UNES Board, resolved in 2014 to transfer to the University the management of student fees, which was being carried out by UNES on an agency basis. Consequently, the University has undertaken to operationalize CESSP so as to assign the management of student fees to it as it was established for that purpose. This decision was also made in order to enable UNES to reposition itself on its original mandate and to better exploit emerging business opportunities, thereby creating greater value for the University.
The transfer of students fees to the University is essentially aimed at enabling UNES to discharge its original mandate of carrying out income generating activities. The main function of CESSP will be to coordinate and promote activities of self-sponsored programmes. Specifically, CESSP will be in charge of fees collection, disbursement of funds to various units of the University, payment to service providers and provision of other financial management for student fees for self-sponsored students in accordance with applicable University of Nairobi policies.

International Mother Tongue Day 2015

The Department of Linguistics and Languages in collaboration with UNESCO and the Bible Translation and Literacy (BTL) will be hosting this year’s International Mother Tongue day as from February 18- 20, 2015.

This day is set aside to celebrate cultural diversity across the globe.  During the celebrations, people are encouraged to maintain the knowledge of their mother language while learning and using more than one language.

A series of papers will be presented during the event.  Various multicultural activities which promote social cohesion, cultural awareness and tolerance will also be presented.



A call to volunteer: Crafts for cure











“I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea.” 
― Fyodor DostoyevskyNotes from Underground

This sums up Today’s society. Buzz words such as ‘personal growth’ ‘self-improvement’ are thrown around and pretty much cover up how selfish we have become. What is in it for me? How do I stand to benefit? We use these questions to assess every situation.

More often than not, our vision is clouded due to pursuing our own interests. It is important to take a step back and look at life from different eyes and volunteering offers exactly that. Volunteering gives you a sense of accomplishment, an opportunity to connect with people and a chance to give back to society. Most importantly, the greatest treasures are stored up in people and volunteering is a direct avenue to investing in the lives of others you would otherwise never cross paths with.

Crafts for Cure is an art therapy program initiated by AIESEC University of Nairobi in 2012 for cancer pediatric patients at the Kenyatta National Hospital that runs every Friday from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm.

Students opportunity: Parliamentary Attachment and Internship Programme

The Parliament of Kenya currently has in place an attachment and internship programme for students studying in public universities in Kenya. The programme seeks to-

Provide students with an opportunity to gain practical knowledge regarding the area of study by integrating theory with practice; and Serve as a platform through which the students can learn about the work environment and its demands

The Parliamentary Attachment and Internship Programme is open to students who are required to undertake an attachment programme as part of their academic qualifications students who wish to gain technical experience in their area of specialization. The attachment programme runs for a period of three months while the internship programme runs for a period of six months.

From self-help group to life-changing water company

Imagine access to safe water trapping you in a cycle of struggle, preventing you from improving your life? A research-supported self-help group took action in Wandiege community, Kenya, ultimately be coming entrepreneurs running a sustainable water company that’s transforming women’s lives.
Life in Wandiege Community
It’s a half kilometre walk to the River Auji, but the women of Wandiege, a poor informal settlement known as Manyatta B on the east side of Kisumu County, have to walk this distance to fetch their water from the river.  Traditionally, women in this region are responsible for fetching water for the whole household, so bear the brunt of poor water access, and of the poor sanitation that plagues the Wandiege Community. It's not only adult women that are caught in this trap of gender norms and scarce resources that include negative impacts on health, time and energy available for investment in productive activities. Girl children are sometimes forced to be late or even miss school to help their mothers fetch water, impacting on their education.
Traditionally, women in this region are responsible for fetching water for the whole household, so bear the brunt of poor water access, and of the poor sanitation that plagues the Wandiege Community
The Wandiege Community sought to address their situation. A self-help group was formed with the initial aim of sensitizing the community to the area’s poor water and sanitation situation. Sensitization campaigns were held, community support was solicited and technical advice offered by non-governmental organization, SANA International. These interventions lead to the idea of a water supply project for the region.

UoN Alumni Association's 10th Anniversary

The University of Nairobi Alumni Association will be marking 10 years Anniversary on February 5, 2015. The Association was officially launched on 5th February 2005 by then Minister of Education, the late Prof. George Saitoti, EGH.   Since then, the Association has played a key role in enhancing the relationship between the Alumni and the University.

As a way of celebrating a decade of service to members and alma mater, the Association has organized a series of activities to mark this auspicious ceremony with a final activity being a Gala Dinner for all UoN Alumni members at Great Court, Main Campus on Friday, 6th February 2015 from 6:00- 9:00pm.

The Chief Guest will be Dr. James Mwangi, Group CEO, Equity Bank Group.  All alumni members are welcome!

AIESEC shares student exchange opportunities

Today’s competitive world demands one to explore avenues that will keep them ahead of the game. That’s why you’ll chase a certificate here, a diploma there, a training here. Allow me to turn you to something completely different- Exchange. Did you know that prospective employers in almost every field look favourably upon experience gained while living overseas and knowledge obtained of another language and culture?
Enter AIESEC, the largest youth-run organisation in the world that operates in over 110 countries and territories where young people from all walks of life get a chance to explore and develop their leadership potential. AIESEC gives you the chance to explore new cultures, build your leadership skills and drive societal impact by going on exchange within these territories. AIESEC offers two types of exchange:-

Notice to all December 5, 2014 graduates: Schedule for Certificate collection

All Graduates of the 52nd Congregation for the conferment of degrees and award of diplomas held on December 5, 2014 are requested to collect their certificates at the University of Nairobi Central Examinations Centre, Chiromo Campus in the following order:
1.         MONDAY, JANUARY 19 – FRIDAY, JANUARY 23, 2015
College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS)
  • Faculty of Arts
  • School of Law
  • School of Economics
  • School of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Institute of Anthropology, Gender and African Studies (IAGAS)
  • Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies (IDIS)
2.         MONDAY, JANUARY 26 – FRIDAY, JANUARY 30, 2015
College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS)
  • School of Business
College of Health Sciences (CHS)
  • School of Medicine
  • School of Pharmacy
  • School of Dental Sciences
  • School of Nursing Sciences

Declaration of Vacancy for the position of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration and Finance)

Leadership for sustained excellence

Declaration of Vacancy for the position of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration and Finance)

Download Advert for the Deputy Vice Chancellor Vacancy