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Scientific Communication and Publishing Course, University of Nairobi, Chiromo Campus, Kenya on 15-19 August 2011

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The course on Scientific Communication and Publishing will be held at, University of Nairobi, Chiromo Campus, Kenya on 15-19 August 2011.

Aim: The workshop aims to assist participants develop skills necessary for writing scientific papers, theses, proposals, and communicating scientific information in written and oral forms. Specifically, the workshop will teach practical skills in scientific writing and graphical data analysis make participants aware of the conditions and traditions by which the scientific publication industry operates enable participants to choose an appropriate forum for publishing their results build institutional capacity as new skills are transferred afterwards improve the project management skills of participants

DEADLINE-1 August 2011

Costs of participation:.USD 500 KES 42,000

Registration fee for University of Nairobi students and employees is KES

Mode of Payment:
Electronic Money Transfer, Bankers Cheque (for individual paying students)
to the Training Centre in Communication KES A/C No 1230000552, OR USD A/C
No 120100087 NIC Bank , The Mall, Westlands.

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