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Operationalization of the Centre For Self-Sponsored Programmes (CESSP)

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The University of Nairobi has resolved to operationalize the Centre for Self Sponsored Programmes (CESSP).  CESSP was established by the University of  Nairobi vide Statute XXXV in 2005. It has however, remained un-operational as its functions were being carried out by the University of Nairobi Enterprises and Services (UNES) Limited, a fully-owned subsidiary company of the University. UNES was formed by the University in 1996 with the mandate of carrying out commercial activities on behalf of the University.
To refocus UNES to its core mandate, the University Council, in consultation with the UNES Board, resolved in 2014 to transfer to the University the management of student fees, which was being carried out by UNES on an agency basis. Consequently, the University has undertaken to operationalize CESSP so as to assign the management of student fees to it as it was established for that purpose. This decision was also made in order to enable UNES to reposition itself on its original mandate and to better exploit emerging business opportunities, thereby creating greater value for the University.
The transfer of students fees to the University is essentially aimed at enabling UNES to discharge its original mandate of carrying out income generating activities. The main function of CESSP will be to coordinate and promote activities of self-sponsored programmes. Specifically, CESSP will be in charge of fees collection, disbursement of funds to various units of the University, payment to service providers and provision of other financial management for student fees for self-sponsored students in accordance with applicable University of Nairobi policies.
The core functions of CESSP shall be:
  1. Promotion of the self-sponsored programmes of the University.
  2. In conjunction with the respective Colleges, maintain accurate records and statistics for self-sponsored students.
  3. To constantly liaise with the academic units and the Directorate of Quality Assurance on matters relating to quality assurance and quality maintenance of the academic programmes.
  4. To review and make recommendations on appropriate fees and other charges for the self-sponsored programmes.
  5. To collect fees from all self-sponsored students in conjunction with the various academic units.
  6. Disbursements of funds to various units of the University in accordance with the existing University policy.
  7. Payments to Direct Service Providers (DSPs) in accordance with prevailing university policy.
  8. To perform any other functions as may be assigned by the University Council from time to time.
Operationalization of CESSP will involve implementation of appropriate policies and procedures, transfer/renaming of bank accounts, use of appropriate Financial Management Information System and establishing essential financial reporting mechanisms.
To ensure uninterrupted service to students and service providers, it has been planned that there will be seamless change over, with minimal changes to the human resources, physical and ICT infrastructural designs and operations. Indeed, it is envisioned that CESSP will work with higher efficiency. It has therefore been arranged that the main offices for the Centre will be located at the current UNES Headquarters along Arboretum Drive, off Kolobot Drive. Other premises will include the current student fees collection offices at G3 Office, Gandhi Wing, Main Campus and the Queensway House Offices.
The above arrangements have been approved by all the relevant University organs (Council, UMB and Senate).
February 12, 2015