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Staff Celebrated at Inaugural Staff Awards Ceremony

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Principal, CAE, Prof. Ngau receiving an award for Best performing College from UoN Council Chair, Prof. Julia Ojiambo with UoN VC, Prof. Mbithi and ag. DVCAF, Prof. Mbeche

The University held its first ever Annual staff award ceremony to recognize staff with distinguished long service, exemplary performance through staff appraisal and performance contract.

The Friday morning event saw all staff from all the colleges and campuses assemble at Taifa Hall on December 14, 2018.

Deputy Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance, emerged the overall winner as the best performing Deputy Vice Chancellors, followed by Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs.

College of Architecture and Engineering was position 1 in best performing college while the School of Engineering was the best performing school. Number 2 position was taken by College of Biological and Physical Sciences and the third position was College of Agriculture and Veterinary Science while School of Journalism & Mass Communication and 3rd position was Wangari Maathai Institute.

Internal Audit department was the best performing unit under central administration units, followed by Administration and Centre for Self-Sponsored Programmes.

Dr. David Maina from the School of Engineering, Institute of Nuclear Science scooped best overall researcher and Dr. Hussein Jama from Mechanical Engineering. Prof. Paul Syagga and Dr. Luke Obala from the School of the Arts and Design, School of Built Environment got the 2nd best .

Prof. Samuel Kuria Mbugua and Prof. Lilly Bebora was awarded for having served the University 42 years under the teaching staff while Mr. Simon Kairangi, Mr. Bernard Kabiru and Mr. John Njoroge Kanori were the non-teaching staff awarded for serving the University for 38 years.


While delivering her keynote speech, UoN Council Chair, Prof. Julia Ojiambo applauded all the staff members for the team effort , “In this ceremony, we are all winners. This ceremony is meant to congratulate and celebrate our achievements as a team. Much as we will acknowledge a few Colleges, Units and awardees, I strongly recognize the accomplishments of each one of you. I do agree that every other employee would have been worthy of this recognition yet you were noble enough to support our awardees today.”

The reason for this ceremony is to boost commitment to efficiency in exceptional service delivery and facilitate personal career satisfaction and development. Such events present a chance for recognition of the important part that individual efforts play to overall goals and direction as a University.


Prof. Ojiambo remarked, “The award of various units and outstanding individuals is merit-based. It is supported by the University of Nairobi’s Core Values as its pillars. The core values are;  Freedom of thought and expression, Innovativeness and creativity, Good corporate governance, integrity, transparency and accountability, Team spirit and teamwork, Professionalism, Quality customer service, Responsible corporate citizenship and Respect for and conservation of the environment. Our core values enable us to create the best environment for career growth and development to our employees and, sequentially, provide quality university education and training to the Kenyan people and the global community.”


In her concluding remarks Prof. Ojiambo encouraged staff members to uphold the spirit of being good employees who always meet assignment deadlines and demonstrate strong work ethics, “We need to show the initiative of going above and beyond the tasks that we have been assigned, take advantage of training opportunities to learn new skills, and take constructive criticism gracefully; Particularly when it concerns our work performance. Constructive criticism can give some good ideas about what people expect from us and are an indicator that our good performance has room to improve further.”


On his part, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mbithi said, “The University of Nairobi has adopted a culture of Performance in which Staff performance is measured through annual appraisal system. To sustain high performance, it is critical to ensure that staffs are highly motivated through various methods including rewards and making the job tasks more challenging.”

Prof. Mbithi pointed out how for the last two consecutive years the University has featured prominently at the highly Competitive Employer of the Year Awards EYA 2017 and EYA 2018.  In 2017 we were the overall second runners up and we also won in various categories namely: Innovation and Productivity, Leadership and Governance and Corporate Performance; while in 2018 we won in the following categories: Innovation & Productivity, Corporate Performance and Inclusivity and Diversity.


The Vice Chancellor thanked the staff for being loyal to the organization. He urged them to always feel free and keep identifying with UoN even when they exit UoN on age grounds.


Prof. Mbithi concluded by saying, “Our University is perceived as a repository and generator of knowledge. Let us invest in our University in terms of generating funding for our teaching and research projects. This translates into producing highly skilled graduates that contribute to the economy as well as research that leads on to innovation and develops our economy. We all have an obligation of equipping graduates so that they can obtain viable skills to our human capital. All these can best be achieved if we place more focus on customer service, research, innovation and publishing.”



The Management will continue to discharge its mandate in pursuit of excellence of employee satisfaction and enhance corporate performance. We shall continue to make deliberate efforts to improve employee morale in the University. This activity shall in future be an annual activity in our calendar.