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59th Graduation Booklet

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Download the 59th University of Nairobi Graduation booklet.

Download the 59th Graduation Booklet.


Ahmed Billeh Aden (not verified) wrote:

Sat, 2018-09-15 15:17

Assalamu-Alaikum!! After that I would like to thank all of my tutors and principal from both IGAD SHEIKH TECHNICAL VETERINARY SCHOOL (ISTVS) and UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI (UoN) sides. My name's AHMED BILLEH I'm one of the 59th graduants and I'm also the 1st graduates from ISTVS at BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (DRYLAND ECONOMICS AND AGRISYSTEM MANAGEMENT). I'm very appreciated to all UoN's managers, tutors, students, stuffs and so on. Today is my day; I'm so happy and I would like to say and share with here something "that I said it's so important" to my colleagues (we can't say it "it is end" but there's a mountain waiting for us to cross, therefore be hard workers and gentle to reach our/everyone's goal) Thanks regards A. Billeh