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Acknowledgements: Authors should indicate if work is supported by donor funds, departmental resources and/or self finances, providing all necessary details.

References: Those cited in the text should be indicated by sequential numbers in square brackets and listed in the same order of appearance at the end of the text. Journal title abbreviations should conform to the Chemical Abstracts Service Source Index (CASSI). Typical examples are:
[1] K.E. Wade and I.D. Wilson, J. Pharm. Biomed. Anal. 8 (1990) 401-410.
[2] L. A. Mitscher, The Chemistry of Tetracycline Antibiotics, Medicinal Research Series, Volume 9. Marcel Dekker, New York. 1978, p 20.
[3] D.C. Fenimore in W. Bertsch, S. Hara, R.E. Kaiser, and A. Zlatkis (eds.). Instrumental HPLC, Hurthig, Heidelberg. 1980, p 45.

Figures and Captions: Figures can be in the form of original black ink drawings on good quality paper or glossy black-and-white photographs (reproduction of colored photographs will be considered in exceptional cases). The amount of text within a figure should be kept to a minimum. Special consideration should be given to the size of the lettering: please bear in mind that drawings are normally reduced to one column width (86 mm) and that the original lettering should neither become illegible nor remain too dominant after reduction. Heavy lines should be avoided. All original figures should be numbered and clearly identified with the name of the author at right hand corner using pencil. Legends should not be within the figure. Figure captions should be typed doublespaced on a separate sheet. The location of the figures in the text should also be clearly indicated.

Tables: Tables and short bodies of tabulated information may appear within the text but larger tables should be typed on separate sheets and their
position clearly indicated in the text. Each table should carry a concisely worded title. Column headings should be brief and the units should be indicated. Footnotes to tables should be keyed a), b), c) etc and the accompanying footnotes typed on the same page as the table where possible.

Equations, Units, Nomenclature: Equations should appear within the body of the text, visibly separated by adequate spacing. They should be consecutively numbered using Arabic numerals in parentheses. Use of SI units is recommended. Generally accepted nomenclature and symbols are to be used. Less common symbols should be defined in the text, and if large numbers of symbols are involved they should be listed and defined on a separate sheet.