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 Animal Welfare Project (2008-2011): A Combined Vet

Resource Effort for Animal Welfare,  Dog/cat Spay/Neuter

Program and Rabies Vaccination in slum areas of Nairobi.


It all started as an Emergency Response to help the animals of people forced to flee to IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camps in Kenya after the dreaded 2007 post election violence. In the ten days of this Emergency Response, the involved partners managed to give some much-needed TLC to a grand total of 10,439 animals in twelve IDP camps! Thats amazing! The treatments included everything from vaccinations and de-worming to open wound treatments. Having been treated properly, these animals were able to live a little more comfortably in their new surroundings.

Then partners show the need to start a three-year program on animal welfare, feral dog population and rabies control. The scale and speed of the rabies spread that can engulf Kenya via uncontrolled stray dog population is potentially a dangerous zoonotic crisis. Therefore, out of general public interest, it is prudent to have strategies that avert such possible disasters particularly in slum areas of Nairobi, where population of loose dogs is continuously in the upsurge.


  • The project aims to alleviate animal welfare and rabies drawbacks by:
  • Organizing spay and neuter campaigns in the slums of Nairobi to reduce population of the feral dogs,
  • Conducting rabies vaccinations within the slum areas to boost rabies protection for dogs and owners,
  • Diagnosis and treatment of various dog/cat diseases in slum areas
  • Create animal welfare awareness through education of the public and animal handlers.