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Welcome to WTO Chairs Programme - Kenya


The School of Economics at the University of Nairobi was awarded authority to host the World Trade Organization Chairs Programme (WCP)in Kenya for a period of four years. This was through a competitive process involving institutions of higher learning across the world. The School of Economics was one of the 14 institutions chosen to host the programme.

This is an assertion of the schools outstanding competence in provision of education in Economics , research on trade matters and development of all-round economists. The School of Economics is dedicated towards provision of quality academic services to enable the WCP become a successful project.

Vision: To make the WTO Chairs Program in the School of Economics a centre of excellence in the East African Region in Multilateral and Regional Trade Research and Training and Trade Policy Analysis.

Mission: To provide quality teaching and training of multilateral and regional trade issues and to build capacity on multilateral and regional trade in the university, ministries and civil society.



The WCP was launched in January 2010 with the establishment of fourteen WTO Chairs in universities in developing and transition countries. The WCP will provide financial support for the implementation of projects in the fields of teaching, research and outreach activities for a maximum of CHF. 50'000 per year for a period of up to four years. The selection was made taking into account a number of criteria, including:

  • Networking plans;
  • New versus established programmes;
  • Development of young scholars;
  • Capacity-building and sustainability;
  • Joint implementation with other institutions, and;
  • Utilization of resources.

The WTO is providing annual financial support to the University of Nairobi (UON for a period of four years to facilitate continuous interaction between the University and other national and international think-tanks. It provides financial support to the UON and associated individual scholars towards their course preparation, teaching, research and outreach activities. This program is part of the technical assistance and training program that the WTO delivers, with a view to enhancing the quality and level of participation of developing countries in the multilateral trading system. As part of its research agenda, the WCP-UON organizes national conferences on trade related aspects, encourages and facilitates networking for Kenyan researchers, engages in capacity building and also funds research.

Particular consideration was given to quality proposals from universities with which the WTO has already been in partnership for the delivery of the Regional Trade Policy Courses, as well as regional balance. The process of selection involved an external Advisory Board which was also established as part of the WCP for the purposes of assisting in decisions related to the functioning of the programme.

In addition to the financial support provided by the WTO through grants, the WTO also intends to provide substantive support to the implementation each Chair's project, through the appointment of WTO staff members to act as counterparts for specific WTO Chair projects.

WTO Chairs Programme - Kenya

School of Economics

University of Nairobi

P.O.Box 30197 - 00100

Nairobi, Kenya