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Faculty of Arts and BPS get new bosses

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Prof. Peter Wasamba is the new Dean at the Faculty of Arts.

Prof. Wasamba who won the deanship elections takes over from Prof. Preston Chitere whose tenure as Dean ended on January 17, 2015. Prof. Wasamba has previously served as Chairman, Department of Literature and Associate Dean, Faculty of Arts.

As the new Dean, Prof Wasamba is expected to increase student’s enrolments, improve income generating activities and distribution, and improve the general learning environment.

In related news, the Vice-Chancellor has appointed Prof. Lydia Njenga the Director, Board of Postgraduate Studies (BPS) for a term of three years. Prof. Njenga replaces Prof. Eunice Mutitu whose second term as Director expired on January 2, 2015 after serving for 6 years.

Prof. Njenga , is a holder of a Doctor of Philosophy degree  in analytical/environmental chemistry is an associate professor in the Department of Chemistry having risen through the academic ranks since 1983 when she first joined the department as a Tutorial Fellow. Prof. Njenga brings along with her a wealth of academic and administrative experience, having served as Dean, School of Physical Sciences. She has also served in several college and faculty committees and was the advisor to the Nairobi University Chemical Club, among other responsibilities.

The University congratulates Prof. Wasamba and Prof. Njenga and wishes them well in their new appointments.











Prof. Lydia Njenga, Director, Board                                                           
of Postgraduate Studies                                                                                 Prof. Peter Wasamba, Dean, Faculty of Arts.                                               

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