University of Nairobi Legal Office

The University of Nairobi Legal Office, being an integral unit in the day to day running of issues touching and/or requiring legal input, has grown in stature in the delivery of timely and competent services to the University Management, Students, Staff, University community and the General Public at large. This has impacted positively in tandem with stipulations recommended by the ISO 9001:2008.

As indicated above, the mandate bestowed on the Legal Office is enormous but under the guidance and direction of the Legal Officer, it has been possible for the dispensation and discharge of duties to the required and set standards given the daily constraints experienced in the delivery of the same. A secretary, a Legal Clerk and a Messenger, who, collectively, ensure that tasks and duties allocated by the Legal Officer are undertaken and timely accomplished and delivered given the staffing constraints.

Arising from the mandate of the University of Nairobi Legal Office, and in order to pursue a competitive future direction, we have promulgated the following vision, mission and core values: -


To be Legal advisors in keeping with a WORLD CLASS University



To provide quality services in line with the University of Nairobi vision.


Value Statement and Mandate

In the Legal office we are driven by a passion for service excellence to achieve and coordinate effective corporate Legal Services, through teamwork and care in an atmosphere that ensures efficiency, integrity and Social responsibility”  through the following mandate:


  1. To protect the rights of the University, its innovators, inventors, breeders, research sponsors and the public;
  2. To eliminate the infringement, improper exploitation and abuse of the University’s intellectual assets belonging to the University or the other persons;
  3. To optimize the environment and incentives for research and for the creation of new knowledge;
  4. To promote linkages with industry and stimulate research through developing and utilizing novel technologies and creative works for commercialization and plough back resources the University and to the interested parties;
  5. To promote creativity and innovation; and
  6. To ensure fair and equitable distribution of all benefits accruing from all innovations and inventions.

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