Royalty Distribution

(1) Revenues received as a result of licensing agreements in the form of cash royalties and/or equity holdings, shall be distributed in such a manner as to encourage the development of intellectual property, technology development and technology transfer in the University.

(2) For the avoidance of doubt, "revenues" shall not include funds received for research support.

(3) The University costs for filing, processing intellectual property applications and maintaining these rights shall be reimbursed from gross revenue prior to distributing royalties to innovators and departments.

(4) The revenue distributable shall be net of all the expenses incurred by the University in protecting and commercializing the intellectual property, and defending or prosecuting any and all infringement suits that might arise

(5) Where the University prevails and receives a financial settlement, the relevant innovator, departments and the University shall be reimbursed for their shares of royalties used by the University in prosecuting or defending the infringement. Any funds received in excess of the royalties shall be distributed in accordance with the formula or scheme under this Article.

(6) The distribution of Net Revenues shall be made annually and in accordance with the following scheme:



College, School/Department/Institute/Laboratory/Library


University of Nairobi Intellectual property management office including other contributors


Endowment fund for Intellectual Property Management Office




 (7) In the event of multiple innovators, inventors or authors, innovatora will agree among and as to the distribution of the income accruing to the innovators, inventors or authors; and distribution of the inventors' or authors' share shall be made only upon receipt of a signed agreement between the innovators, inventors or authors.

(8) The innovator's share shall survive the termination of affiliation with the University and in the event of the death of the innovator his or her share shall inure to the benefit his or her estate.

(9) The University shall create and maintain an Endowment Fund in which shall be paid gifts, contributions, and donations to support research and development in accordance with this Policy.

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