Conflict of Interest or Commitment

(1). Any of the following factors may signify a conflict of interest, which will be taken into account prior to waiving or licensing UoN's rights to inventors and creators under this policy.

a) an adverse impact on UoN educational responsibility to its students;

b) undue influence on the employment commitment of the innovator , inventor or author to UoN in terms of time or direction of effort;

c) a detrimental effect on UoN obligations to serve the needs of the general public; and

d) potential conflict of interest as defined in the national laws UoN code of ethics, regulations, Policies and procedures

(2) An employee shall disqualify himself or herself from participating in any licensing negotiations or other matters of technology transfer where the University is likely to be disadvantaged by such a decision in the following circumstances;

a) where an employee has an external relationship with a company that itself has a financial interest in a University project; or

b) where the University official serves on a board of a company that has financial transactions with the University; or

c) where an employee has equity holding or royalty expectations that could influence the decision; or

d) where the employee of the University is an interested party and by virtue of his or her position is likely to influence the decision.

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