Institutional Framework for Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer

1. The UoN has established an intellectual property and technology transfer office within the Legal Office (herein referred as the Intellectual Property Management Office) to maximize the value of intellectual property and technology to the staff, students, visitors, the University and society.

2. The functions of Intellectual Property Management Office through the chief legal officer are to

a) promote Intellectual Property in a manner consistent with University's mission, vision and objectives and academic environment;

b) promote policies and procedures for technology transfer, and the avoidance of conflicts of interest, consistent with UoN's policies;

c) Review, negotiate and approve all agreements that convey or affect the UoN's right to intellectual property,

d) Coordinate reporting requirements and other obligations to research sponsors regarding innovation developed under a research contract or grant, including but not limited to, obligations to the Kenya Government;

e) advise the Vice-Chancellor on the decision to, and the feasibility of, obtaining intellectual property protection for an innovation;

f) advise the Vice-Chancellor on the measures necessary to facilitate access to an innovation or invention;

g) advise the Vice-Chancellor on the transfer and licensing or commercialization of any intellectual property held by the UoN;  

h) receive and evaluate all innovation or invention disclosures in a timely manner;

i) prepare and approve reports listing the titles and brief descriptions of all innovations or invention disclosures received;

j) advise the Vice-Chancellor on any applications for the transfer, or licensing, of the UoN's rights to innovator;

k) grant permission, request and advise the innovators concerning the publishing of material related to an innovation, whether for academic, distribution or defensive purposes ;

l) advice the Vice-chancellor as to any variation of this policy and Intellectual Property agreements.

m) Advice the Vice-Chancellor as to the amendment of this Policy and all matters pertaining to intellectual property administration, management and diffusion;

n) receive, hear and determine disputes arising from the terms or implementation of this policy

o) provide advice and support to all staff and associates of UoN regarding this Policy;.

p) provide guidance in setting up new companies by the UoN innovators or using UoN innovations and ensuring compliance with Policy and relevant UoN policies; and

q)process, patent, copyright, trade mark, utility model and other applications with the Kenya Copyright Board, Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI), Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate and other relevant, national, regional and international organizations.

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