Vision, Mission and Mandate.


”To be the leading centre of excellence for development research, teaching, training and advisory services on issues of policy, practical and academic concerns in the public and private domains”.


“To promote development knowledge and debate and encourage the utilization of research findings in postgraduate teaching and training and in shaping the growth of development thinking, theory and practice”.


The mandate portrays the role of institute as being slightly different from that of a teaching faculty.
 It is:
  • to be a multipurpose and multidisciplinary organisation.
  • To focus on social and economic issues of development in kenya and the rest of Africa.
  • To undertake research and training in collaboration with other social sciences departments at the university of Nairobi.
  • To provide a facility which enhances intellectual stimuli between local and visiting scholars.
  • To provide a variety of professional consultancy services to various government ministries,regional and International development agencies,voluntary bodies and the general public in kenya.

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