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Varsity welcomes first year students

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First year students admitted to the University of Nairobi’s academic year 2017/2018 have formally been inducted into the university system.

The freshmen who have undergone a week of orientation have been registered in the School of Education and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. In September 2016, the University received the first batch of new students for the class of 2017/2018, admitted to the other colleges.

As has always been the UoN tradition, the Vice-Chancellor formally welcomed the new students on Thursday, January 12, 2016. In his address to the freshers, Prof. Peter Mbithi congratulated them on their exemplary performance in their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) that saw them secure their place in the University.

Prof. Mbithi took time to share some wise words with the new students on how best to manage themselves within the University with a promise of success for those who choose to make the right decisions.

“I urge you to work hard and work smart! A world of endless opportunities will unfold before your very own eyes,” he said. “You can be the somebody you want to be and you can choose to be a social derelict.”

The Vice-Chancellor urged the freshmen to engage in constructive activities outside the lecture halls and equip themselves with the soft skills of life by joining a club.

“Ultimately, the choices you pick will make or break you. Choose today which masters you want to serve,” he said.

During the orientation, the freshers were sensitized on the HIV/AIDS pandemic, drug abuse, and other aspects that are part of students’ lifestyle.  The students were urged by the administrators to concentrate on their studies and engage in positive extra-curricular activities.

The orientation week assists the students settle down and adjust to the new life with ease.  Some of the officials who addressed the students included the Deputy Vice-Chancellors, Registrars from Central Administration Divisions, Chief Security Officer, Director, Centre for International Programmes and Links, Director, Board of Common Undergraduate Courses, Director, Information Communication & Technology Centre, Director, Library and Information Sciences, Dean of Students, Special Students Advisor, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Legal Officer, Director, Students Welfare Authority, Managing Director, University of Nairobi Enterprises Services and SONU leaders.

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