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Varsity trains staff on customer care and service

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Dr. Owuor Olunga, Director, Institute of Anthropology, Gender and African Studies, makes a presentation during the training.

The University of Nairobi non-teaching staff have been trained on critical aspects of customer care and service.

The staff drawn from various colleges and departments attended a one-day training organized by the Administration Department on October, 18, 2017.

Speaking during the sensitization workshop, Dr. Mary Kinoti, Associate Dean, School of Business, stressed the importance of treating customers likes kings and queens.

“Customers want special treatment.  Both internal and external customers, who are employees and students respectively, are the heart of the organization,” she said. She observed that customers need to be served enthusiastically. They want attention. They are seeking solutions and answers to their problems.

“Customer is king, they are a source of revenue, profits and without them, there is no business,” she continued.

According to Dr. Kinoti, customer care skills involve good appearance, being observant, listening to customers and talking to customers. She highlighted the outstanding customer care elements such as professionalism, efficiency when serving customers, reliability, friendliness to clients, executing tasks with expert knowledge, caring for clients and lastly being trustworthy.

Dr. Owuor Olunga, Director, Institute of Anthropology, Gender and African Studies, expressed the importance of gender mainstreaming at the University of Nairobi.

“Gender determines entitlement to resources, access to services like health, opportunities to education, it determines choices and freedoms,” he said. “Tolerate each other at work. If there is a colleague that you are not happy with, please go and make peace. Work to make an impact. Increase your relationship with others.”

Dr. Olunga urged the staff to double their efforts to ensure that the University of Nairobi succeeds.  

Ms. Monica Mwakazi from the Performance Secretariat stressed the importance of helping customers get access to relevant information and treating customer information with confidentiality.

The staff members were also sensitized on the Service Delivery Charter and the importance of achieving client expectations, offering quality and timely services.

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