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Varsity sensitizes SONU executive leaders

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The newly elected SONU leaders have been sensitized on the various university operations that they need to adhere to while in office.

During the session, the team had an opportunity to interact with the University management and address issues affecting students.

The student leaders were advised on the importance of embracing dialogue in their quest to get services from the University administration. They were also briefed on the security measures that the university administration has put in place and urged them to be at the forefront and support the initiatives. Student mentorship is key and in this regard, the University management urged the student leaders to help the university’s agenda of producing holistic graduates and help tame the vice of alcoholism, drug abuse and cheating in exams.

Speaking during the forum, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Student Affairs, Prof. Isaac Mbeche, congratulated the students on their election wins and highlighted the  importance of embracing dialogue in their quest to get services from the University administration. Prof. Mbeche called on them to be selfless leaders noting that they were voted in not to serve themselves but the students who believed in their leadership.

The Dean of Students, Fr. Dr. Dominic Wamugunda, reminded the incoming SONU Executive that leadership is about passion. He reminded the student leaders that SONU is a good training ground for national leadership and they should take the opportunity to become better leaders who will leave a legacy.

Mr. Peter Busienei, Deputy Finance Officer – General, noted that SONU money is part of the public funds and hence must follow the government regulations, procurement regulations and audit. For smooth operations, the budgets must be done monthly and submitted for approvals.  

On his part, Mr. Joseph Mokaya, the Procurement Manager, reminded the student leaders of the 30 percent worth of tenders be given to the special group – youth, women and disabled persons in business. He also alerted the SONU leaders of the need to have a procurement plan.

April, 24, 2015

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