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Varsity marks milestone as 5th DSC candidate presents his thesis

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Prof. Julius Ogeng’o, Professor of Human Anatomy, makes a public presentation of his Doctor of Science thesis.

Prof. Julius Ogeng’o, Professor of Human Anatomy, went down in history as the 5th candidate to present his Doctor of Science thesis at the University of Nairobi.

He presented his work entitled 'Insights into and Anatomical perspectives of Atherosclerosis among Kenyans’ in a well attended public presentation on March 19, 2018.

According to the regulations for Higher Doctorates of the University of Nairobi, a thesis for the Higher Doctorate degree shall be defended before a public audience provided that while members of the public shall be free to ask the candidate questions relevant to the subject of his/her thesis, only the panel examiners, shall participate in the final assessment of the thesis and the candidate’s performance in defense of the same.

In his well thought presentation, Prof. Ogeng’o talked about Atherosclerosis, the disease that causes stroke, heart attacks, ballooning of arteries, leg gangrene leading to amputation and kidney failure, among others.

“Some of the anatomical risk factors include variant termi

nation, short stems, variant origins, unusual geometry, extrinsic pressure, among others,” he explained. “The study sought to answer questions such as what are; the occurrence, age and gender distribution, the most frequent co-morbidities, the related diseases, causal and associated, the common affected arteries, prevalence of anatomical risk factors, prevalence of abnormal arterial anatomy and the anatomical precursors in normal arteries.”

Prof. Ogeng’o then presented very interesting findings and revelations and made some recommendations.

“In conclusion, I would say that; Atherosclerotic diseases are common, associated diseases are not uncommon, they are present in a significant proportion of asymptomatic individuals, there are significant causes of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality and that the mean age is 10-15 years earlier in Caucasian population,” he said.

Amidst a standing ovation from the audience, Prof. Ogeng’o then concluded his presentation saying “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not human masters.”

Indeed, as stated by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mbithi, Prof. Ogeng’o is a prolific author with an international standing.

“He has published over 270 articles comprising 184 full peer reviewed articles and several abstracts in local and international journals, 47 General Health Education articles in local magazines, 34 conference presentations, 3 Doctoral theses and 6 project papers and several books and book chapters. This thesis is based on over 100 peer reviewed full journal publications,” said Prof. Mbithi.

The University of Nairobi celebrates and congratulates Prof. Julius Ogeng’o.

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