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UoN launches entrepreneurship course targeting women

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The University of Nairobi, Africa Women Studies Centre, has launched a three-day entrepreneurship course that aims at impacting women with practical ideas on entrepreneurship.

The course was launched by Dr. Manu Chandaria, the Chairman of Comcraft Group. Dr. Chandaria urged business women to work together to achieve great exploits.

 “It has always been said that women are their own worst enemies. I urge you to change the narrative. Lift each other up. Work together and you shall achieve great success,” he said.

Dr. Chandaria gave personal examples of how together with other business leaders they approached the government so solve the issues that bedeviled the manufacturing sector.

Speaker after speaker urged the women to ‘work, grow their businesses to international standards and compete on the global scale.’ On the issues of morality, women were urged to work with the end in mind. What legacy do they want to leave behind?

Tabitha Karanja, CEO, Keroche Breweries, highlighted the key challenges she faced during the expansion of her business venture. She has since learnt to rely on business mentors to overcome her challenges. On competition, Tabitha observed that one has to be resilient to survive in business.

“My competitors wanted me out of business. They found me resilient. I believed in myself. For me, the sky is the limit,” she said. “Wake up and focus on your goals. There are many challenges. One day, I woke up and found all my sales team packing. They had been bought by our competitors. I have since learnt to fight. I have fought the big giants and won.”

On marketing, Mrs. Tabitha urged women to continue marketing their products and services. On getting finance from financial institution, Mrs. Karanja opined that at the beginning, it is always a challenge to get credit and hence, women entrepreneurs should be ready to work with personal savings, but as their business empires grow in size, the banks will come in handy to finance the operations.

The university academic community were challenged to expose students to practical bit of entrepreneurship. Students were encouraged to seek internship, apprenticeship opportunities and solve the problems of the industry. The university staff were we well challenged to bring in experienced business community to give public lectures to students and change their mindset. University Management were told to train their students to be employers and not just employees.

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