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CEPA Training workshop for CAE

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CEPA Training workshop for CAE Lecturers on Jan 15-17, 2019 at Central Catering Unit

The Centre for Pedagogy and Andragogy (CEPA) conducted a 3-day workshop from January 15-17, 2019 targeting lecturers from the College of Architecture and Engineering (CAE).

The training is in line with the University strategic Plan 2018-2023 which highlights a series of in-service trainings on Pedagogy, Andragogy and Mentorship to greatly improve the teaching, mentorship and delivery skills of the lecturers across all Colleges.
The training covered key topics such as engaging and activating learners during teaching, application of problem-based learning, curriculum alignment, lecturer-student mentorship to enhance teaching in the university, communication skills and experiential learning and integration of ICT.
The Vice Chancellor; Prof. Peter Mbithi presided over the official opening ceremony of the workshop. In his speech, Prof. Mbithi took time to explain the necessary steps the University has implemented since 2015 to ensure experiential learning is incorporated in every course offered by the University.
The University has introduced a policy to ensure all academic staff are trained on Pedagogy, Andragogy and mentorship. The Trainings are meant to equip all academic staff with the necessary pedagogical skills and to ensure there is a standard of delivery of lectures across all Colleges.
The Vice Chancellor also shared the University’s vision to secure PhD scholarships for over 500 academic staff across all fields. In addition, the University is keen to develop the skills of young educators who are below the age of 35 years; the University will organize similar workshops to train young educators on necessary skills like learning how to teach and use new technology, to write research grants, write proposals and conduct research.
Prof. Mbithi encouraged the lecturers to conduct a curriculum review to ensure all the courses are current and in line with the market demands. In closing, the Vice Chancellor implored the lecturers to take advantage of the many scholarship and training opportunities available to all academic staff and also to mentor students and Tutorial fellows.
Present during the opening ceremony were Principal; College of Architecture and Engineering Prof. Peter Ngau and Principal, College of Education and External Studies, Prof. Isaac Jumba and lecturers from various departments.
Prof. Justus Inyega, Director, CEPA highlighted the major achievements the Center has achieved since inception in 2015. Prof. Justus Inyega urged participating lecturers to actively participate in the 3-day workshop as it is mainly meant to further improve their teaching and delivery skills.