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Call for Papers: Pathways to African Feminism and Development the Journal of the African Women Studies Centre

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Original articles are invited for issue No 4 of Pathways to African
Feminism and Development on the theme: Merging Theories and Practice:
Theories in Women Studies and Practical Experiences. The theme allows for a wide range of research in:
1. Historical development of women studies as an academic   discipline
2. Current theoretical perspectives in African women studies
3. Academic challenges caused by the inter-disciplinary nature of women studies
4. Translating theories into practice in the field
5. Practical experiences at all levels
6. Lessons learnt from practical experiences enriching the theoretical perspectives.
Case Studies should be based on real-life situations and highlight decisions taken that can be replicated in other similar situations.
A single article should not exceed six thousand words; Times New Roman, Font size 12. Each manuscript should include an abstract of about 250 words. Key words used in the paper should also be given.
Clarity and Consistency: Please check your manuscript for clarity, repetition, grammar, spellings, punctuation, and consistency of references to minimize editorial changes.
Publication Fee: There is a publication and editorial fee of US$100 per article when your article has been accepted for publication.
There will be a Book Review corner: Book Reviews on recently published books on Women Studies are welcome.
The abstracts should be submitted by 29th April 2016.Please submit an electronic copy of your full papers in MS-WORD format by 13th May 2016 to:
African Women's Studies Centre
University of Nairobi