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ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS 1. MBChB (Nbi): Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery University of Nairobi – 1972-1977. 2. M.MED Surgery(Nbi) Degree of Master of Medicine in Surgery July 1985

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Publications (8 Records)

  • Risk factors for kerosene stove explosion burns seen at Kenyatta National Hospital in Kenya Reference: JBUR3811 Journal title: Burns Corresponding author: Dr. Kimani Wanjeri First author: Dr. Alex N Dr.Ombati Online publication complete: 19-SEP-2012 DOI information: 10.1016/j.burns.2012.07.008 Dear Dr. Wanjeri, We are pleased to inform you that the final corrections to your proofs have been made. Further corrections are no longer possible. Your article is now published online at: - 2012


  • Foreign bodies in a neurogenic female urinary bladder: A case report, Ndaguatha, P.L.W., Waihenya, C.G. - 2010

    A great variety of self-inflicted foreign bodies have been removed from the urinary bladder. If not retrieved in time, this may present as unexpected recurrent urinary tract infection or retention. The importance of considering the possibility of primary HIV infection in micturition disorders should not elude the clinician’s mind and should be considered, as the virus often leads to urological disorders. A unique case of foreign bodies in a 17 year old female with retroviral disease and a neurogenic bladder is reported.


  • Practical experience with flexible fiberscope cystoscopy in out-patients ,Ndaguatha, P.L.W. - 2010

    Objective: To assess the applicability and reliability of the flexible cystfibrescope OES Olympus CYF-2 in outpatient urological patients.

    Design: Prospective study of those patients attending the urology clinic.

    Setting: Department of urology, City Hospital, UK, between September 1989 and January 1990.

    Outcome: A total of 453 cystoscopies were performed, but those studied were 432 as case records were incomplete in 21 of them. The main indicatiobns were – Haematuria (n=250), superficial bladder cancers follow-up (n=96), and in J.J stent retrievals. The negative pathologic findings were 68.8% in check cystoscopies and 75.6% in haematuria investigations indicating significant numbers that would have otherwise been subjected to GA.

    Conclusion: The flexible cystoscopies done under Local Anaesthesia (LA) were all found to have less discomfort for the patients; hence well tolerated and proved popular to the patients in the investigations for haematuria, bladder outlet obstruction and irritable symptoms as well as in bladder cancer surveillance.


  • Testicular torsion in adults: Case reports, Ndaguatha, P.L.W MEDICOM,The African Journal of Hospital Medicine; March, 2004. - 2010

    Testicular torsion in adults is thought to be rare if not relatively unusual. The rarity could be an underestimation since thare are many episodes of missed torsions and misdiagnosis with conditions of acute scrotal swellings. When the condition occurs, there can be delayed diagnosis because of the perception that the condition is uncommon in this age group and, therefore, lack of high index of suspicion may lead to increased  ischaemic time and hence loss of one or both testes.



  • Ndaguatha PL. Unusual bladder outflow obstruction: case report. East Afr Med J. 2003 Jul;80(7):388-90. - 2003

    Hydatid disease, the parasitic infestation caused by the cestode, echinococcus granulosus involves mainly the liver and the lungs though no organ is immune. Genito urinary involvement has been found mainly in the kidneys and rarely in other structures such as, bladder and epididymis. Isolated retrovesical location of the hydatid cyst is a very rare condition whose manifestations appears after a long course of the disease and are due to compression of bladder, causing the bladder out flow obstruction. Such rare case of bladder out flow obstruction is presented.

       East Afr Med J.

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